This is a delightful little story from one of the Brundall Men’s Shed members which captures the essence of what Men Sheds are about. It reminds us of the joy and smiles brought to young people by a home-made Go-Kart.

“I made a soap-box for my daughters 30yrs ago & recently decided to make one for my 4yr old Grandson. The problem was that spoked wheels & axles from prams or buggies are now almost impossible to source. I found that the local Re-cycling center, Strumpshaw, had a shop where I bought 2 small bikes for £5. Wheels off & frames etc dumped in the metal skip. A 1.2M scaffold board, with metal bonded ends, was scrounged from son – in – law ( who has his own scaffolding buisiness). The brackets, for attaching wheels to frame, were the dearest part of the project coming out at just under £10 for 4. from builders merchants, Rhino, at Acle. Plywood for the body of the kart was supplied by Brundall Men’s Shed as was top coat paint.

The bulk of the construction was done at the Brundall Men’s Shed. Just as a finishing touch 1 bought stick – on letters for Grandsons name + Union Jack & Skull & crossbones for the other side, from Quick fit Gt Yarmouth, ( £5 ). Total cost of the project was under £20.

Thanks to “officials” & shedders at Brundall Mens Shed for their tolerance & patience.”