The Power of Hello

It started with a couple who were visiting Brundall Marina randomly popping into Brundall Men’s Shed to say hello. Terry Ambridge happen to greet them with a smile and gave them a guided tour.

During the tour the man mentioned he ran a hardware business in Skegness and had come to Brundall to see their boat. He said he’d mention the Men’s Shed to one of their suppliers, which turned out to be Toolbank in Norwich.

Several months later, Toolbank turned up with vehicle laiden with gifts donated to the shed. Despite it feeling like Christmas had arrived early, it wasn’t Santa in his red costume driving. It was the local Toolbank Branch Manager from Norwich Matt Rounce and Operations Manager Keith ‘Red’ Land who were delighted to support Brundall Men’s Shed.

Christmas was full of images of children’s eyes lighting up when they receive their toys. It was a similar scene with the men holding their power tools and boxes of screws. Whilst the ages of the smiling faces is different, the smile on their faces was the same!

It goes to show we never quite know the consequences of smiling and saying hello to people we’ve never met. Furthermore, as a result of that initial hello Toolbank head office are considering extending their sponsorship of the Men Shed Association!

A huge thank you to Toolbank for their generosity!