It’s been a busy year for the Shed! So here’s a quick summary of some moments this year.

February 2024

Owl Sanctuary

One of our members Alick made owl boxes for the Owl Sanctuary in Fritton Owl Sanctuary. Below is Alick at the owl sanctuary.

Veolia Donation

We were kindly given  £600 by Veolia to make bird boxes for the community.  Wood was purchased and a template was made for bird and bat boxes.  Production is well advanced, now we need to find homes!

Brundall Men Shed receiving the support of Veolia.

Some of the bird boxes ready for new homes.

Templates being prepared.

Coffin Lady

A lady came to our door and we thought she was a potential new member but we couldn’t have been more wrong.  She was looking for somewhere to make a “coffin”.  Her dad had died a few days previously and he was a very practical man with a shed load of wood.  Could we help?  How could we refuse?  The coffin with assistance was made and delivered for the occasion.

The Coffin in Progress

Emily offered a very kind donation to the shed, greatly received by Paul the chairman.

Metal Workshop/Mechanical Area

We recently upgraded the metalwork/mechanical area.  There are now 4 fully kitted-out work bays.  They have refurbished quite a few items that will go into the garage sale. A proper little cottage industry! 

March 2024. 

New Printer

We were shocked that our printer cartridges were so expensive to replace.  Clarion (Tracey) kindly purchased a new one along with a projector.  Huge thanks to Clarion!

Lotus visit

Garage Sale

The garage sale was a huge success, we made over £1200, huge support from the members.  The chairman thought he had started something that was going to be a flop. People were queuing to get in. 

Many items came from a retired businessman,  Peter Runnalls.  Peter also donated a car and a high-value site generator.  Our sincerest thanks to Peter.  Is there an option to continue with our success with a Christmas fair?

April 2024

Visit from Jerome Mayhew MP

We had a visit from Jerome Mayhew MP, he said he would support us where possible. The visit was arranged by Cllr Paul Newstead, our thanks to him.  Cllr Newstead grew up in the area and knows just about everyone who has an influence,  Cllr Newstead has also given us quite a few tips for funding.  He is what we could call a shed champion. 

Clarion Community IT support ( Eleanor )

We have had several visits from Clarion Community IT support ( Eleanor ).  There has been help with Facebook and most importantly online safety.  However much we ignore it the web and our phones have become normal life.

ENOS (East Norfolk Operatic Society)

Ian, one of our members from a thespian background has been helping out ENOS (East Norfolk Operatic Society) by building stage scenery for their latest musical ‘Oklahoma’ which will be on at the Maddermarket from May 8 to May 11 inclusive. Tickets are available at